Pebble Smartwatch wird ausgeliefert

Pebble OverviewDie Pebble Smartwatch, ein sehr erfolgreiches Kickstarter Projekt, das ich April 2012 unterstützt hatte, wird endlich ab 23.Jänner 2013 ausgeliefert, angekündigt war die Auslieferung eigentlich für letzten September. Berichtet hatte ich bei AppleBits hier und hier. Die Information der Kickstarter Backer erfolgte mittels Email.

Dear Pebblers,

Without any further ado, the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived – we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll begin shipping Pebble on January 23rd. We’ve been working very hard for the past year to deliver something that we’re truly proud of…and we know that we would not have been able to do it without the support of our Backers. So thank you!

We just wrapped up our live video demo of Pebble. You can review the video here: Please excuse the discolouring in the video; we will get that fixed up and reposted as soon as possible.

In addition to previously mentioned features, your Pebble will include the following sensors that we’ll enable with future updates:

  • Magnetometer – we’ve added this in so you’ll have compass-like functionality
  • Ambient light sensors – your Pebble watch will be able to understand how much light is available in its current environment
  • Also, as many of you have speculated, we can confirm that Pebble uses a magnetic charging cable. This was done to help achieve a 5ATM water resistance rating, perfect for running in the rain, skiing, swimming and washing dishes! And one last fun and useful tool – the accelerometer we’ve built into the watch allows you simply to tap or flick your wrist to turn on the backlight.

We’re planning to continue our aggressive update cycle and ship new software updates every 2–3 weeks. Notably missing from our launch release is support for Runkeeper. We’re working closely with RK and estimate that it should be enabled by the beginning of March. Sorry about that!

Thanks again, Pebblers!

Eric + Team

The Verge hatte Gelegenheit eine Pebble in die Hände zu bekommen und hat einen ausführlichen Artikel des Hands-On veröffentlicht. So viel vorweg, sie mögen den minimalistischen Ansatz der Pebble. Sie geben der Smartwatch gute Chancen am Markt, auch abseits der Hipster Gemeinde.

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