Die Entwicklung des Tablet Marktes

Interessanter Artikel auf Androidauthority. Ich bezweifle allerdings, dass die Super Tablets viel Raum bekommen werden. Da wäre noch der Notebook Markt, der die Pro Tablets in die Zange nimmt.  

No more middle

As for everything in between the cheap and expensive extremes, will they settle into a comfortable niche or gradually fade away? Do you see a good reason to drop a few hundred on a tablet in the 8 to 10-inch range? What’s the purpose of a 10-inch tablet if you have a TV at home and a phablet when you’re out and about?

The future of the tablet is still uncertain. We may well be headed for more polarization. Cheap tablets will become impulse purchase items, and a new class of super-tablet that does everything will emerge at the other end of the market. Of course, if someone works out how to create a phone with a fold-out screen that can expand to tablet-size, we may see the end of the tablet category altogether.